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The rich style, excellent quality, easy to communication team with 14+ sinamay hats production experience, Headdecor wants to be your China sinamay hats partner.

Large Multi Purple Flower Curved Organza Sinamay Hats
Large Peach Flower Loop Feather Mesh Organza Sinamay Hats
Large Pink Curved Flower Mesh Curved Organza Sinamay Hats
Large Purple Organza Straw Beach Sinamay Hats
Large Double Layer Purple Organza Flower Sinamay HATS
Large Black Lace Mesh Fower Sinamay Hats
Large Blueflower Organza Beach Sinamay Hats
Large Burgundy Flower Organza Sinamay Hats
Large Navy Lace Flower Bowknot Sinamay Hats
Large Peach Organza feather Straw Beach Sinamay Hats
Large Red Bowknot Sinamay Hats
Large Black Flower Mesh Feather Curved Organza Sinamay Hats


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    Headdecor has a wealth of experience, and our partner factories are also senior factories with more than ten years of experience. Our customer base is all over the world, which has a high requirement for our designers. To assure the sinamay hats new design following up the fashion trend also in classic and economic became a big challenge.  Good communication with customers and a daily eye watching on all the new information from the internet, market, factory, and fashion trends are huge work, but it worth it. Our clients give us very good feedback for our daily update on new sinamay hats designs.


    Sell to more than 1000 Clients
    Headdecor works with large customers like QUIZ, C & A, Accessorize etc, and also sell our sinamay hats to many small retailers in different countries and regions. Our different business managers are responsible for different customer groups to provide better services to customers.
    Design more than 600 Design Per Year
    Headdecor is a company with a clear division of labor. We have a professional team that conducts regular market research to provide designers with more fashion inspiration and continuously produce more new sinamay hats. We have more than 1,000 new products coming out every year.
    14+ Years Experience
    With more than 10 years of development, Headdecor have a complete sinamay hats industrial chain from production to raw materials, which make work more efficient and economic. Our years of production experience has resulted in excellent quality and a keen sense of fashion. To provide you with a more suitable sinamay hat.
    AAAAA Manufacture
    With the continuous expansion of the customer group, we are constantly pursuing high standards for product quality. All our sinamay hat products are certified by the European Union.And we also are AAAAA level sinamay hats manufacture in China

    To be a Professional Sinamay Hat Supplier, you can know more:


    Sinamay is one of the most popular hat-making materials is a natural grass braid made of abaca fiber. It is woven from abaca fiber (a banana palm found in Asia). Its lightweight, Sinamay hats are light and durable, trendy. Also known as the church hat. fascinator etc.

    Sinamay hats are lightweight and durable. As it is a natural straw woven fabric, it is easy to color, and it is not easy to fade. Its color variety is wealthy, including not only the traditional black, royal blue, red, etc., but also a variety of color combinations.

    Sinamay hats have an attractive look, and Sinamay is five times more potent than cotton or silk, and more durable because hemp can be used for up to 10 years. It comes in a variety of shapes, from a tiny comb to a sophisticated wide-brimmed sunhat, and is flexible enough to be used as a casual and dressy accessory. The bright colors of sinamay hats are perfect for summer.

    Headdecor beautifully crafted sinamay hats and fascinators are created with a sinamay base or sinamay disc which can be styled and shaped into many attractive designs and shapes. The finished millinery piece is decorated with sinamay loops and feathers to add interest and texture.


    Headdecor has become a wholesale hub for all sinamay hats. We offer hats of all shapes and sizes, and our minimum order size can suit most retailers.  And for big clients, we have special competitive prices and quality to support. Just contact us to know more. And if you need raw material or element which used on the sinamay hats, we also can provide.

    Headdecor has more than 14 years of work experience, and gradually expanded the company’s business scope, and eventually became a completely independent company from raw materials to production. For decades, we have been producing sinamay hats. So far, in addition to buying sinamay hats immediately, we also provide customization, labeling, and outsourcing services. Or provide you with raw materials and other services. As long as you can think of it, we will do our best to satisfy you.

    Headdecor also works closely with many fashion magazines, weekly magazines, and websites to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends. Our designers develop nearly 600 new products every year. Our factory currently has five production lines to meet different needs and covers an area of more than 3000 square meters.

    It’s great if you got us not the internet, we’d like to provide you free samples, or help you customize, so you can better understand our quality.

    Headdecor makes headwear that complies with EU rules, is azo-free, and has low Cad. Handmade goods can be delivered quickly. 3 -10 days for small orders and 20-30 days for large orders.


    Some other points you might interested:

    1. Do you have a MOQ for sinamay hats wholesalers?

    Yes, it takes MOQ 240pcs sinamay hats for wholesaler business usually, let us know which style you interested in, we will check and confirm back to you.

    2. Can I use my logo on the sinamay hats?

    Yes, Headdecor has rich experience in OEM/ODM sinamay hats business. We can put your logo on sinamay hats.

    3. How you control your sinamay hats quality?

    “Quality is the key to success!”

    With over 16 years of experience in the fashion industry, Headdecor has developed a keen eye for style and an extensive range of fashion items. Our collection includes a variety of styles such as fedoras, dress hats, fascinator hats, bling hats, hijabs, fashion scarves, and much more. If fashion is your passion, then Headdecor is the perfect fit for you. Let us bring our exquisite taste and expertise to your wardrobe and help you achieve the look you desire.

    Get latest styles and more please email us directly.


    whatapp/wechat: 0086-18006795002

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