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The Video Series is for Quality Control, Material Knowledge, Packing Info., Shipping Method Etc., hope its useful for your!


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Hi, everyone, this is Lexie. we start from 2006 and our main products are fashion accessories, like hair accessories, scarves, jewelry, and bags, sandals, etc. You can visit our site to know us more!

Woking on fashion accessories items, we really need work hard, which covered a lot of different items. Every year we visit many factories to get the right material, design, and technology. If you want to work with a reliable fashion accessories supplier from China, we may be the right one.

How to Assure Jewelry Strong Enough-cover
How to Assure Jewelry Strong Enough

When We make jewelry items, how we can assure our product are strong enough?
We will make “Tensile Test”.
Whatever we make in our own factory or we order with other factory, we will give same requirements, only pass our “Tensile Test” Standard we can ship to our clients.
How we make “Tensile test”?
We will use a portable electric scale.
Our test standard is 8LB for base metal jewelry and 5LB for noble metal jewelry.

How to check export carton strong enough
How To Check Export Carton Strong Enough

The package is very important as we need to travel our goods a long way from the factory to clients shop.
We need to make a “Carton drop test” to assure the carton in goods condition.
How to make Carton Drop Test?
Carton Drop Test drop need drop the carton with goods in from 100cm height, each face and line need be tested.
So we will test 6 face (up+down+4 side) and 4 line(every 2 face connection) + 1 corner(2 line connection).
After the drop test, we open the carton and check the goods inside.
Goods are no defect, we pass the Carton Drop Test, which means our goods will be protected safely!

Tips To Check Fabric Color Fastnesss-cover
Tips To Check Fabric Color Fastnesss

How To Test Color Fastness?

There are many different ways, for example:
1, we can put the fabric in water, wash it, and see the water color.
2, we use white paper to rub the fabric at a fast speed, see whether white paper color changes.

We share a simple and more professional method:
We need white tissue paper and alcohol.
Spray the alcohol to the fabric, then use the paper to wipe it several times.
Then we check the paper.

How to check jewelry, crystal fasten enough -Cover
How To Check Jewelry, Crystal Fasten Enough

How can we check jewelry is fasten enough?
Have you faced any problem that the rhinestone or beads on the jewelry are easy to lose or missing?
How we can avoid this problem before shipping?
We will make a “Drop Test”.
We will use 120cm height to drop the products to the floor, some factories will use 100cm only.
Drop 3 times!
If the product is still ok, it passes the “Drop Test”.

How to recognize woven and knitted material!-Cover
How To Recognize Woven And Knitted Material

Most of the garment material was made of woven or knitted, we will see from the sample difference.
The bandana is woven, woven material is tight.
The check design scarf is woven also.
Woven fabric construction is a vertical and horizontal thread woven together.
Knitted fabric construction is loop thread connected together.
Knitted we can use on T-shirt, Jersey, headband Etc.
The woven fabric we can use on skirt, Suit, scarf Etc.

How to make a wash care label-cover
How To Make A Wash Care Label

I share a file to you to show the common material’s care label detail for your reference.

This is a sample of the wash care label we make for our clients.

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Start from 2006, Headdecor worked with more than 1000 clients over 100 coutries, we’d like to share our product and our passion on the fashion products to the clients all over the world also.