2020 started as an unreal beginning. To be a fashion accessories supplier of more than 16 years, our main business is export fashion headpieces, fascinators items to all over the world fashion accessories customers. we record this special time and share the experience. All of us hope the virus will go soon.

By Mid. of Jan 2020, we get news of a kind of Coronavirus is appearing and spread fast. It’s near Chinese new years holiday, that’s the time of us for planning to meet friends, families, to travel etc. All of us start to have a little bit worried. On Jan, 23rd, our government frozen Wuhan city, which is the most serious city for the virus. And then we really aware that this is a very serious accident for all of us.

We extend our vacation from 1 week to almost one month with very complicate emotion. Many of our clients ask us: how are you? and how about our orders? In international business, Jan is a busy season because after the long break for the Chinese new year holiday, clients is lack of stock. We all worried very much, and we hope we can finish the bad situation soon. Every day we explained again and again to our clients not worry, we will back soon.:

On Feb, 18th. Most of the Headdecor staff have back to work. And we send emails to every client and tell them we are back:
“Thank you so much for caring about Virus’s situation and caring about us. Some clients even help us indeed and send us some mask/glasses etc, we really thank you all for your help.

Although we are in a safe city, we want to share some latest news with you:
From Feb, 18th, in all the province except Hubei, everyday increased patients quantity are less than 10, and more than 10 provinces have 0. And everyday much more people are recovering. 80% of the company/stores/organization is back to work normally. There are no crowed, no party, everybody takes the mask when going out, and we stay more time at home with family than before. We are very safe, and china is very safe. We assume everything will be back to normal in 1 or 2 weeks,

We hope this information will help you with your business, for your journal or just for information. Anything you need feel free to ask, we are here always, thank you again.”
and everybody is working so hard as we spend 20 more days holiday and we want to catch time and business back. We all feel lucky after we suffered so big pressure, worry, unhappy, upset etc. in these days and everything is becoming better and better.

The new problem comes, we see more and more countries fall into problems. Iran, Korea, Italy, UK, Germany, USA, Etc., now its turn for us to worry about our clients and whole world. We send message to all our clients on Mar, 10th: “hi, dear partner,the whole world are in a difficult time, i see the virus is spreading very fast, and we do hope you and your family,your company are all very well. Pls give me your address, we can send you some mask in free if its difficult to buy in your country. We hope all of us can pass difficult time together.”

Mar 17th, one of our big clients in UK, send us an email and explain the situation in the UK is really bad. They have closed now 50% of the shop, so they will stop all the new order which suppose to place for the Summer season. And hold all the shipment which have not yet gone. Its real disaster for both of us. We have to try our best to stop everything, just like what we try our best to begin everything several days ago.

Client from Italy, from the USA, more and more clients give us bad news. Some reduce the order quantity, some cancel the order, some let us hold the shipping.

It’s really bad time. Headdecor is a rich experience exporter, but also never meet such a big problem before. We are finding all the way to settle the current order and keep follow up our clients for the news. We bought 2000pcs mask and send to different clients all over the world. We know it will be more and more difficult to get in local just like our Feb. time. In another hand, our factory also has a big problem. When clients reduce the order, the factory doesn’t have enough work to do. That is also big pressure.

Fashion accessories business almost frozen, all the clients are requesting mask, hand sanitizer, gloves etc. We start to learn all the details about the masks, hand sanitizers, visit all different mask and hand sanitizer factories, check all the procedure for different countries request. We are trying all our best to contribute our power to win the virus all over the world. And its a fight for our life and also for our business.