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Headdeocor knot headbands are usually made from a crystal knot headband and made from good quality materials features which are elegant, shiny, acrylic, crystal accessories. Headdecor has the best and great knot headband wholesaler and supplier in China.

Knot Headbands

We can provide bling headbands of all kinds including, yellow bowknot wrap knot headband, silver bowknot wrap knot headband, wine silk bowknot knot headband, silk knot wrap knot headband, ribbon diamond bling knot headband, lace pearl wrap knot headband, contrast color suede knot headband, velvet knot headband, bowknot bead knot headband, wide embroidery knot headband, pink soft mesh dots knot headband, mustard flower headband and, etc.


Headdecor supply different options and styles of knot headbands. At Headdecor you can choose knot headbands in different styles of headbands. We can provide our clients with the most promising high-quality knot headbands at affordable prices, and also our products are also real. We have different knot headbands that everybody wants.

All the materials that we used have passed the EU test and are eco-friendly materials. Besides, Headdecor cherishes every client’s order worldwide. Headdecor workshop size is 3000 square meters and every day can produce 5k-10k pcs different style of knot headbands. We provide the highest quality materials.

Headdecor is a professional knot headband manufacture and wholesaler in China for over 15 years. We have complete knot headbands and other accessories fashion products. We started our businesses in 2007, Yiwu Headdecor accessories. head decor can offer you the best selection of quality and a huge variety of knot headbands and for all accessories headbands. And also we accept the OEM design. You can send us your favorite design and we will create it.

Besides knot headbands, Headdecor also offers a lot of fashion accessories, like hats, bow, hairpins, crown flowers, barrette, and many more.

Knot Headbands

Headdecor can be, your best business partner from China. You can trust Headdecor when it comes to production and services. If you want to be your partner, you can feel free to contact us at Headdecor. You can avail of our extraordinary knot headbands and other accessories.

Over the past decade, the Headdecor team has dedicated significant efforts towards establishing a robust supply chain. This has involved sourcing high-quality raw materials, improving production skills, controlling every aspect of the production process, and delivering competitively priced products. As a result, we have successfully developed a mature and unique product line for fashion jewelry series including necklaces, earrings, tiaras, brooches, fascinators, and wedding accessories including bridal belt, wedding hat, headband. barrettes. etc. With this, we are confident in our ability to be the best partner for your fashion jewelry product line in China. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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