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Choose the best hair bow wholesale suppliers from China to support your business!

Hair Bow with Loop Item Name: Satin Hair Bow, Hair Tie, Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
Hair Bow Ties Hair Clips with rhinestone Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
3. CR6064 Plaid Hair Bow Hair Tie
Plaid bow hair clips Item Name: Polyester Hair Bow Hair Tie, Hair Accessories.
4. CR6061-Printed Hair Bow Hair Tie
Printed Hair Bow Hair Tie Item Name: Polyester Hair Bow, Hair Tie, Hair Accessories.
5. CR6066- Silk Bow Hair Clips
Silk Bow Hair Clips Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
6.. R6069-Purple Satin Hair Bow clips
Purple Satin Hair Bow clips Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
7.CR6070-Black Velvet bow hair clips
Black Velvet bow hair clips Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
8. CR6072-Printed Silk bow hair clips
Printed Silk bow hair clips Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
9. Silk Bow Hair Elastic
Silk Bow Hair Elastic Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
10. CR6068-Velvet Bow Hair Clip With Crystal
Velvet Bow Hair Clip With Crystal Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
11. CR6075-Rhinestone Hair Bow Clips
Rhinestone Hair Bow Clips Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.
12. CR6076-Diamond Hair Bow Hair Clip
Diamond Hair Bow Hair Clip Item Name: Satin Hair Bow Hair Clip, Hair Accessories.


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    Headdecor focuses on the manufacturing of hair bow and other hair accessories. We build a good relationship with our clients. We can create the best hair bow which is ideal for any applications including for a party, or in daily wearing. We are your expert hair bow manufacturer that can help your business grow.

    Sell to more than 1000 clients
    We give the best services for a wide range of our customer groups during all these years. Due to our excellent services, we gain the loyalty of our clients. We are dedicated to providing for the needs of our beloved customers.
    Design more than 600 design per year
    Every year we manufacture hair bow with a lot and latest design. We, Headdecor develop our products with unique designs. We produce a wide range of hair bow that will be suited for your desired application and purposes.
    14+ years of quality experience
    For over 14 years of experience in this hair industry, our raw material is high-superior and has passed quality-control tests. Headdecor is a reliable and professional manufacturer of hair bow in China with wide experience.
    AAAAA Manufacturer
    We are proud to recommend our company that produces awesome hair bow products. Our company is well-known as an independent supplier of the hair bow. As a reputable manufacturer, we always do our best to manufacture an absolute hair bow.

    Bulk Hair Bow Manufacturer and Supplier in China- Headdecor

    Hair bow

    Headdecor can manufacture quality hair bow, hair band, hair pins, and other fashion accessories. We have a wide selection of hair bow for you to choose from. It can be able to wear any baby and adult girls. We have great experience in these industries and that experience allows us to produce well-manufactured hair-bow products.Our hair bow can be applied for various applications like night and day parties. Headdecor manufacture not only hair bow products, but we also manufacture rhinestone headbands, crystal hair clips, rhinestone hair clips, and many hair accessories for your hair decor.

    Hair bow

    We have a lot of hair bows with different styles, colors, and designs. You can able to choose what you want. You can guarantee the best style of our hair bow products. We can also able to custom your desired design of hair bow.Whenever you need high-quality hair bow products on time and on budget, you can count on Headdecor. We can produce even your urgent orders. We’re the world’s leading high-service manufacturers of hair bow and any hair accessories products.For personal and business use of hair bow products, you can always coin in Headcecor. We have in stock products for you. With an extensive range available in stock and our fast, reliable service and support, we make it easy for you to find and purchase what you need.

    Hair bow

    So if you are needing a reliable and expert hair bow manufacturer or wholesaler, Headdecor is a perfect solution for you. We strive to meet your project’s needs and requirements. You can get the best and perfect hair bow at Headdecor at friendly rates.Cost is very important, and our convenient one-stop-shop approach and competitive pricing ensure that you get the best value without having to waste your money. As your reliable partner, we will give you the kind of product you deserve. Feel Free to contact us if you need a Hair Bow, Headband, Fashion Jewelry, or accessories, etc., you can visit other pages on our site and also can send a direct email to us for direct communication.

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