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Get a top-rated church hats &fashion millinery products manufacturer to support your business!

1. Large Black Lace Mesh Flower Church Hat
Large Black Lace Mesh Flower Church Hat
2. Large Peach Bowknot Pearls Sinamay Church Hat
Large Peach Bowknot Pearls Sinamay Church Hat
3. Large Black Bowknot Sinamay Church Hat
Large Black Bowknot Sinamay Church Hat
4. Large Pale Pink Flower Organza Church Hat
Large Pale Pink Flower Organza Church Hat
5. Large Navy Lacelower Bowknot Church Hat L
Large Navy Lace flower Bowknot Church Hat
6. Large Blueflower Organza Church Hat
Large Blueflower Organza Church Hat
7. Large Red Organza Straw Church Hat
Large Red Organza Straw Church Hat
8. Large Peach Organza Feather Straw Church Hat
Large Peach Organza Feather Straw Church Hat
9. Large Purple Organza Straw Church Hat
Large Purple Organza Straw Church Hat
10. Cream Bowknot Sinamay Church Hat
Cream Bowknot Sinamay Church Hat
11. Black White Sinamay Church Hat
Black White Sinamay Church Hat
12. Pink Bowknot Sinamay Straw Church Hat
Pink Bowknot Sinamay Straw Church Hat


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    Headdecor has a group of professional fashion church hats designers. They will continue to pay attention to fashion information and add fashion elements to new church hats designs. In Headdecor, you will learn more about the fashion information and latest quotations of church hats.

    Sell to more than 1000 Clients
    Headdecor already developed more than 1000 styles church hat in different materials, like Wide-Brimmed Church Hats, fancy church hats, Derby church hats, etc., have covered all different events. Like a wedding, party, church, Kentucky Derby etc..We will provide you with the latest prices and related information, so that you can understand the industry trends.
    Design more than 600 Design Per Year
    We will make new church hats models regularly, and will update more than 50 new models every month on our official website. In addition, we can also help you design your own church hats styles according to your needs.
    Years of Quality Work Experience
    With more than 14years of different church hats production experience, our team and customers are constantly expanding. At present, we have a number of cooperative church hats factories, as well as large customers in North America, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Africa, etc. We are well aware of some local fashion situations.
    AAAAA Manufacturer
    In order to support customers to become church hats industry leaders, Headdecor provides the most attractive materials and craftsmanship. A good working system is the foundation of a stable business.

    Know More about Church Hats and a Right Church Hats Supplier-Headdecor.

    5. Large Navy Lacelower Bowknot Church Hat L

    The custom of the church hat originated in the Bible itself. Women at that time and today worship God and practice the tradition of wearing hats to cover their heads in churches.  church hats are an identity that people call “the crown of the way to decorate them.” Some clients call it Sunday Hats, a hat for church, derby church hats, etc.

    The tradition of church hats continues to this day. During Sunday worship throughout the south, people use bright hats, eye-catching patterns, and eye-catching styles to make them. Dressing up is an important part of the southern style, especially the beautiful hat that can be matched with the Sunday suit. The top hat even comes with its own etiquette. The church hat etiquette has been hundreds of years old. Women’s church hats have a rich history of women’s hats and an undeniable style.

    Church hats are generally thought of as being wide-brimmed hats that have large adornments and embellishments. However, they are available in many different styles. For instance, chic styles such as cloche hats as well as smaller headpieces like fascinators are also popular choices for church hats.

    Headdecor supply different options of styles fascinators also. There are fascinators for long hair and short hair, you can choose a headband style and clip style. And different shape for flat or round.

    The church hat has all the excellent functions, the most convenient function is the moderate design and reasonable price. We understand that everybody income is precious, so we provide our clients with the most promising high-quality church hats at a reasonable price, and our products are also the most practical. We have different church hats that can match your different churches Dress, attend different places!

    Church Hat

    Headdecor has a complete church hat supply and production mechanism. We have worked with production plants for many years to ensure that our attractive quality is stable. For example, for each order, because we use the same church hats material supplier, the same dye factory, the same color raw material factory. Therefore, the differences in different batches of church hats are also very small.

    As a supplier of professional church hats, Headdecor can also provide you with relevant raw materials for your production. For example, we can provide raw materials: feathers, ribbons, veils, wool, etc. Ribbons are timeless when it comes to church hat,all sorts of fabrics –satin, lace, cotton-, colors.

    Headdecor is trying the best to supply to our clients the richest variety of church hats and competitive prices.

    Fascinator Hat

    Headdecor has a factory with an area of more than 3,000 square meters and a production line for different church hats. Even if the delivery time is very tight, we will try our best to meet the demand.

    We can provide you with free samples, as well as proofing, as one of the most important charming product suppliers of Quiz, C & A, Accessorize, Avon and other large chain stores, we will have perfect product testing.

    With over 16 years of experience in the fashion industry, Headdecor has developed a keen eye for style and an extensive range of fashion items. Our collection includes a variety of styles such as fedoras, dress hats, fascinator hats, bling hats, hijabs, fashion scarves, and much more. If fashion is your passion, then Headdecor is the perfect fit for you. Let us bring our exquisite taste and expertise to your wardrobe and help you achieve the look you desire.

    Get latest styles and more please email us directly.


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